In 2019 London was crowned the world’s first ‘National Park City’ meaning that you dont have to go far to find a beautiful looking backdrop for your pictures. There are so many places to choose from when it comes to capturing family photographs outdoors and lets face it, letting the little ones run wild and free is one of my secret weapons!

I may currently be a city girl but my heart lies somewhere in a meadow (not literally!) and Ive made it my business to seek out the wilder looking parts of London so we can wander amongst the long grass hunting for bugs and play hide and seek behind the mighty oak trees! The great Royal Parks will always be a firm favourite for many of my clients and they offer an iconic and often beautifully manicured backdrop but if you look carefully you will find the wilder parts of these parks too, and often avoid the crowds at the same time.

Take a look at this selection of places that I have discovered on my travels as a family photographer in this great city.


My knowledge of London’s green spaces is just a small way in which I can help you to achieve pictures that you will adore. Your photographer should be able to offer helpful tips on narrowing down where to have your session as well as the best time of day and also have bad weather backup plans! I always say to families that if we can get outside, then we should! Not only is it the best place for active children to be, it also means that you will receive a fuller gallery of final pictures too!

As a professional family photographer who has dedicated the last 8 years to creating special photographs that have that little extra something, I know the importance of choosing the right backdrop for your family’s collection of images. Reflecting your lives is an important aspect of what I want to achieve and this means that finding just the right location is small part of the work I do before we even meet. This is just one of the ways I will help you to prepare for your session. For me, the experience you have is just as important as the final set of photographs that I deliver.

When preparing for your photography session you will find a lot of helpful resources online and as much as I want to help, I get that you will be  inspired by other influences too. Take a look at my other blog posts which include helpful clothing tips as well as showcasing my favourite urban London scenes for your pictures too. If thats your thing, then I have the perfect places for you! Social media and Pinterest can really help with styling and clothing advice and will hopefully get you excited for creating your own beautiful set of family photographs with me. Im always here to help so if you have questions then Im just a phone call away!